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Why Is The Demographic In The West Central Mountains Primarily 55+?

Melissa Hamilton lives in McCall, Idaho with her young family. She works at the University of Idaho extension office in Cascade, and she identifies as being a member of the West Central Mountains. When she heard Wanna Know Idaho was featuring the region on the podcast, her first thought was not a question. It was a statement she's heard repeated many times:

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If you want to make it in the animal kingdom you’ve got to adapt. Take our canine companions. At one point they were wolves. But over the course of thousands of years they realized that by hanging around people, life got a lot easier.

A new study out today suggests hatchery fish may be taking a lesson from lap dogs when it comes to adapting to life in captivity.

Mark Christie, a post-doctoral researcher at Oregon State University and an author, explains:

Schools Spend Their State Surplus Money. Or Not.

Dec 29, 2011


Boise Idaho – Idaho’s superintendent of education wants to end the two year trend of cutting money for schools. That’s why Tom Luna will ask the legislature to increase education funding next year by more than five percent.

Tom Luna “And I’m confident that because of the very difficult choices and decisions the legislature made in the past that there will be more money going to our K twelve schools this coming year.”

AARP Says Seniors Have Trouble Keeping The Heat On

Dec 28, 2011


Boise, ID – More than 40 percent of Idahoans over the age of 50 struggle to pay their utility bills. That’s according to a study released this month by AARP’s Public Policy Institute. A second report from the senior advocacy group’s research arm says American’s over 50 spend an average of eight percent of their income to keep the heat and lights on. David Irwin with AARP Idaho says the average for other age groups is seven percent.

Processing Seeds At The Lucky Peak Nursery

Dec 28, 2011


Boise, ID- A multi-state effort to restore hundreds of thousands of acres of sagebrush country in the southwestern corner of the state requires lots of native plants.  Volunteers and scientists in Idaho harvest seeds from those plants on federal land.  The seeds have to be cleaned and processed before they’re planted.  Emily Schwing takes us to the government run nursery that does exactly that.

Inside a big garage, the air is heavy with the sharp smell of sagebrush.  And dust from the shrub is so thick it sticks in the back of your throat if you breathe in.


Update:  Avalanche Alley, also known as Idaho Highway 21 between Grandjean Junction and Banner Summit on the way to Stanley re-opened Saturday, December 31st at 12:20pm.



BOISE, Id – The section of Idaho Highway 21 known as Avalanche Alley closed down today.  The 12-mile stretch runs between .  Reed Hollinshead is the Public Information Specialist for the Idaho Transportation Department.

There are a lot of photo apps out there for the iPhone. With most of them, you take a picture, put a filter on it and maybe add some lens blur. But many of them don't have a built-in way for you to share the photo.

"When we combined those two key ingredients, we came up with something that became Instagram," says Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, who is also one if its founders.


BOISE, Id – Everyone has a holiday tradition.  We here at Boise State Public Radio want to know what you do this time of year.  Baking cookies, trimming the tree, some traditions are, well, traditional.  Others are, more unique.  The most…”unique” tradition we’ve heard so far comes from Sean Kenney in Meridian.


BOISE, ID – Holiday music is one way to welcome in the season this time of year.  Today we hear from one mom who uses music to share her love of the holiday season with friends and family.  It started one day in 1998. Liza Long, was reading about jazz musician Alfred Burt and his Christmas song “The Star Carol.”  She found out that Burt wrote a Christmas carol every year for family and friends.  Long is, among other things, a piano teacher and at that moment, a new holiday tradition was born.

Idaho’s Capitol City In the Black For 2011

Dec 21, 2011


Boise, ID – Idaho’s capitol city took in more than 105- million dollars from property taxes in 2011. That’s the largest part of general fund revenue. Boise’s city council Tuesday heard a report on the fiscal year that ended in September. About two million dollars of anticipated revenue didn’t turn up. That’s because liquor sales and franchise fees were lower than expected. But budget advisor Brent Davis says the city didn’t have a problem adjusting for that.


Boise, ID – The former charter school Nampa Classical Academy wants the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its case over its use of the Bible in the classroom.



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