Richard Copeland

Senior Producer

Richard Copeland is the senior producer of Boise State Public Radio's daily show, Idaho Matters.

Previously, he was the producer for WITF's Smart Talk in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Prior to that he was a producer with WHYY's NewsWorks Tonight in Philadelphia and a producer and technical director for KNPR's State of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Rich is also a trained sushi cook and loves to ski.

Wanna Know Idaho begins its second season, answering the un-Google-able questions you have about the Gem State. What's that red stuff planes drop on wildfires? Why are there so many Abe Lincoln statues in Boise? What would happen if the F-35 program came to Boise? Listeners are encouraged to submit questions and the Wanna Know Idaho team will get answers from the experts.

Credit: Susan Madacsi

Susan Madacsi uses her blacksmithing skills to create stunning sculptures from glass and metal. Her work can be found in homes and businesses from Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong to Canyon County, Idaho. Madacsi joins Idaho Matters to describe her creative process.

credit: Metro Community services

Earlier this year we learned about a unique raffle to benefit older and disabled Idahoans; Metro Community Services is selling tickets to raffle off a tiny home built by students from COSSA Regional Technology and Education Center in Wilder. We get an update on the drawing with Metro's Matt Jones.

  • Refugee settlement reductions lead to employment gaps in the Treasure Valley.
  • Boise State Public Radio's Frankie Barnhill previews the new season of Wanna Know Idaho.
  • Boise blacksmith finds beauty in metal.
  • Metro Community Services will raffle off a tiny home to benefit Idahoans in need.


We review the week's headlines with a team of regional journalists. This week we speak with Melissa Davlin, host of Idaho Reports on Idaho Public Television, Kimberlee Kruesi with the Associated Press-Idaho and Kevin Richert of Idaho Education News.


Idaho has seen a substantial increase in sexually transmitted disease rates in the past year. Gonorrhea rates in the Magic Valley have gone up more than 200%. We look at this trend and efforts to stop the spread of STDs with representatives from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and the Central District Health Department.

NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

Planetary scientist Jani Radebaugh was looking at pictures of Pluto's surface a few years ago and realized the images were remarkably similar to the features found in California's Death Valley. Radebaugh determined Pluto has sandy dunes, much like those found in the deserts on Earth. She joins us to talk about this discovery and what it means for planetary exploration in the future.

  • Our team of journalists breaks down the week's headlines.
  • Rates of sexually transmitted diseases on the rise.
  • Planetary researcher discovers sand dunes on Pluto.

Ethan Webber/BSPR

Several states have seen their election networks hacked from foreign countries and several more have seen hacking into infrastructural computer systems. We speak with Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney about election security.

The opening of the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine brings the first medical school to Idaho. Classes began this week and we speak with Dan Burrell, a founder and trustee of ICOM and the CEO of the Burrell Group, the investment group behind ICOM's funding.

Madam Mao is a stage production that tells the story of Jiang Qing, the wife of Mao Zedong. The play has recieved rave reviews in Toronto, where it originated and the original cast is coming to perform Madam Mao at the Boise Contemporary Theater. We'll meet with the play's creator, Janet Lo. 

Treasure Valley Hospice

A group of Eagle High School filmmakers produced a documentary that places people from all walks of life, from all generations in a single, teal chair to answer one question: If you knew you had limited time, what would you do?

  • The Idaho Secretary of State discusses election security.
  • Boise State Public Radio's Wanna Know Idaho begins its second season.
  • Madam Mao tells the story of The Chairman's wife.
  • Eagle High School students capture humanity with The Teal Chair.

City of McCall

The City of McCall is in desperate need of a new library. In the past 13 years, circulation has increased more than 80% and participation in programs has seen a nearly six-fold increase. The McCall Public Library is reaching out to the community for input and we look at the role of libraries in the growing Treasure Valley communities.

When talking to families in to Venezuela, Cherie Hoeger found that women there did not have access to reliable menstrual hygiene products. This inspired her to custom build a menstrual cup that can be cleaned and re-used for distribution to economically disadvantaged women around the world. Cherie joins us with her partner, Amber Sawson, to describe the role of their Idaho-based company, Saalt.