10 Entities In 6 States Apply To Get Yellowstone Bison

May 5, 2014

Credit Yellowstone NPS / Flickr Creative Commons

Ten entities have submitted proposals to take bison from Yellowstone National Park that came through an experimental program to establish new herds of the animals.

Applicants include wildlife agencies in Utah and Minnesota, three American Indian tribes and private conservation groups in Montana, Nebraska, New York and Colorado.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks released details of the proposals on Monday. Spokesman Ron Aasheim said the agency hopes to relocate the roughly 135 bison by the end of November.

The bison were captured in the last decade, put into quarantine and tested repeatedly to make sure they don't have the disease brucellosis. They've been held for the past several years on behalf of the state at a Bozeman-area ranch owned by philanthropist Ted Turner.

Livestock groups have opposed previous Yellowstone bison transfers.