18,000 Plus Idaho Students In Charter Schools

Dec 12, 2011


Boise, ID – Charter school enrollment across the country hit an all-time high this fall. A national charter school advocacy group  estimates more than two million students now attend charter schools.  Enrollment in Idaho charter schools is also on the rise.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools looked at this fall’s enrollment for the forty states that allow charter schools. Only about half of those states had numbers available. Idaho likely won’t have the fall enrollment calculated until February.

For states without current data, like Idaho, the group made estimates based on past growth and talking with education officials and state charter school groups. The National Alliance estimates Idaho charter schools gained 16 percent more students between the 2010-2011 school year and fall 2011. That would mean more than 18 thousand six hundred Idaho  students attend privately run, publicly funded schools.

The Idaho Charter School Network – the member organization for state charters -  has a more conservative estimate of about 18 thousand students. The National Alliance consulted the Idaho Network for its report. More than 500 new public charter schools opened doors in the 2011-2012 school year across the country. Four of those were in Idaho. California leads the country with the highest number of charter schools followed by Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Texas.