Ada County Highway District Battles Lead Feet With New Speed Signs

May 29, 2018

In an effort to curb speeding around the Treasure Valley, the Ada County Highway District is installing speed limit signs that show drivers how fast they're going.
Credit CarSpotter / Flickr

A recent study by the Ada County Highway District found instances of speeding around the Treasure Valley to be on the rise. The agency is launching on a new initiative to get people to slow down.

ACHD is attempting to solve the age old malady of lead feet by deploying a plethora of electronic speed signs across the region. The solar-powered signs have the speed limit posted above a display which flashes how fast the driver is going.

According to the Statesman, ACHD is starting to install fifty of the signs throughout the area this week.

A study done by the agency earlier this year unsurprisingly found some of the highest traffic streets were also prime speed spots. Parts of Eagle Road, Orchard Street and Franklin Road were all identified as locations the electronic speed signs could slow down traffic.

ACHD spokeswoman Nicole DuBois says installing the signs isn’t a guarantee speeders will ease up on the gas, but she thinks it will be a good reminder to drivers about just how fast they’re going.

The total cost of the sign project will come to $132,000. DuBois says ACHD is planning to do a follow up study in areas where the signs are installed to see what impact they’re having.

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