Ada County Sheriff Has A New Drone Policy

Oct 23, 2017

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office says it will use drones for limited purposes while investigating crimes.

The Sheriff’s Office has created a new drone policy and picked nine deputies to operate and fly the unmanned crafts. The office stresses that it will not violate the privacy of citizens.

The new policy says the drones will be used during search and rescue operations, during hostage situations, at crash and crime scenes and during any operation where the drone will “ensure the safety and well-being of potential victims, deputies or the public in general.”

The drones may use video recording equipment and infrared imaging systems.

Deputies first used their drone officially last month during a home-invasion house fire situation at Linder and Amity Roads. They used the drone to search farm fields around the house for the suspect.

Last week, deputies again used a drone to try to find a suspect at McMillian and McDermott roads.

The new policy says drones won’t be used for non-emergency surveillance missions without a search warrant.

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