After Biggest Bash Yet, Treefort Music Fest Wraps Up Fifth Year

Mar 28, 2016

Despite some cold nights and cloudy days, thousands of people attended the fifth annual Treefort Music Fest. Festival director Eric Gilbert says organizers have learned from past mistakes to make the event easier to navigate and enjoy.

“Attendance is definitely up but our lines have been better," he says. "I feel like we’ve spread the lineup out a lot better, so it made harder choices for folks but that also led to a better line experience.”

Gilbert says it will take a while to settle the books, but he’s confident that the festival made money again this year. If that happens to be the case, it will be the second consecutive year Treefort has turned a profit.

One of the highlights of the multi-day event was the last American show by Boise-based project Youth Lagoon. Gilbert says Youth Lagoon’s international success was one of the things that propelled organizers to found the festival in 2012. Sunday night the crowd packed the main stage of the festival to see this final Boise performance.

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