Are You Eligible For Subsidized Health Insurance? Use This Calculator To Find Out

Sep 25, 2013

Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

Idahoans will be able to shop for and purchase insurance on the state's new health insurance exchange beginning Oct. 1. Under the federal health law, most Americans will be required to have health insurance coverage by Jan. 1, 2014, or they'll face a tax penalty.

Idaho's state-run exchange will offer 146 insurance plans from seven different companies. The Idaho Statesman reports roughly 190,000 uninsured Idahoans will be eligible for health insurance through the online marketplace. The average cost of health insurance through Idaho's exchange is estimated at $240 per month.

Still, many people are uncertain how much it will cost to purchase insurance through Idaho's exchange, or if they'll be eligible for subsidized coverage or Medicaid.

This calculator from NPR and the Kaiser Family Foundation will hopefully clear up some of that confusion. Just plug in where you live, age, annual income, whether you use tobacco, and how many people live in your home to find out if you qualify and what your monthly costs may be. The calculator will be updated as the marketplaces go live on Oct. 1.