Artist-In-Residency Program Brings Grammy-Nominated Cellist To Treasure Valley

Aug 26, 2016

Dave Eggar is wrapping up a month long residency at Surel's Place in Garden City with a performance at the Visual Arts Collective. The New York City-based musician says he's been impressed with Boise's arts community.
Credit Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

Dave Eggar is one of those rare musicians who is equally at home in a large classical concert hall, on stage accompanying top 40 pop artists, and at a jam session with tribal musicians in the Philippines. He’s played at Carnegie Hall and has made pop music with artists like Coldplay, Beyonce and the late Amy Winehouse. 

The New York City-based musician has made it to the top of his field by stretching the boundaries of what it means to be a classically-trained cellist. 


“I started thinking sort of like a method actor," says Eggar. "I thought, wow it would be really interesting to sort of explore how you can be yourself but try to fully embody a character to almost dissolve into that person’s music. It’s so fun with the cello because the cello is such a vocal instrument.”

Friday, he will perform chamber music at the Visual Arts Collective in Garden City – in a collaborative piece with Boise dance company LED.

“The creative community here is extremely vibrant and alive, and I’ve sort of been sucked into it very quickly. So it’s actually been a very busy time. And it’s been really great to meet new friends and new people that I potentially will collaborate with in the future.” 

The performance will end Eggar's residency at Surel’s Place, in Garden City’s live-work-create district. Eggar says he hopes his visit will be the beginning of a long artistic relationship with the Treasure Valley.

Friday's performance starts at 7:00 p.m. Find more details and tickets here.


Check out a snippet of Eggar's music, performed in the KBSX studios. 



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