From Batman To Brushstrokes: Sun Valley's Adam West On 50 Years Of Being An Artist

Dec 19, 2016

When you think of television icon Adam West, what comes to mind? For most, the Batman theme song plays on a loop. And while that's what West is universally known for, the actor has played a version of himself on the animated series Family Guy since 2000. 

But just as West has been acting for more than 50 years, he's also been painting and drawing for much of that time. KBSX's Matt Guilhem spoke with West about his upcoming art exhibition, his Batman legacy and relocating from LA to the Wood River Valley.

Featured Adam West artwork at Gilman Contemporary's "Criminals on Canvas" exhibition.
Credit Gilman Contemporary

Adam West's "Criminals on Canvas" will be on show at the Gilman Contemporary Gallery in Ketchum December December 21-23.

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