Boise Businesses See Boost From Pokemon Go

Jul 19, 2016

A screenshot of Pokemon Go from the KBSX newsroom windows. The Greenbelt along the Boise River is a popular spot for players of the game.
Credit Boise State Public Radio

The popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go has gotten Boise players out and about in the downtown as they play from their smartphones. According to the Idaho Statesman, there has been an influx of business at some shops, including pizza-by-the-slice vendors Pie Hole.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in our business, especially late at night,” said Logan Finch, assistant supervisor at Pie Hole and a member of Pokemon Go Team Valor. “It’s getting people out of the house. It’s actually doing a lot more good than harm.”


Pie Hole and some other local businesses, including Pizza Pie Cafe, had hoped to be added to the game as “PokeStops” to draw in even more customers. But they said a flood of requests to developer Niantic stymied their efforts.” -- Idaho Statesman

"PokeStops" are places where players can get "Poke Balls" used to catch the little digital monsters. Schools and public art spaces are often made into these spots, bringing players to places in Boise they might not normally visit. The Statesman reports that even without being designated as a "PokeStop," Pizza Pie Cafe hopes to harness the energy surrounding the game with a giveaway for players.

Curious to learn more about how the game actually works? This article from Vox does a good job of laying out the basics, and giving an abbreviated history of the Pokemon phenomenon.  

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