Boise Call Center Lays Off 640 Workers

Jul 5, 2018

640 employees at Sykes Enterprises in Boise are out of work following a round of layoffs at the call center.

The company filed notice of the layoffs with the Idaho Department of Labor this week.

Dana Wiederman, Director of Regional Communications and Public Relations at Sykes, said in an email the move was part of “recent changes in SYKES’ business strategy”.

“SYKES will remain open with business on other accounts and are doing everything we can to help employees impacted by this decision. Those affected were provided 60 days’ pay and benefits to provide them time to adjust and seek other employment,” Wiederman said.

“We are actively looking to bring new business to our center in Boise and continue to provide new career opportunities for residents of the Boise metro area,” she said.

It’s unclear how many employees remain.

Sykes earned $32.2 million in profit in 2017, according to an annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company operates 28 call centers in the United States and 79 total worldwide.

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