Boise Considers Stricter Smoking Ban

Sep 26, 2011

Boise, ID - Tuesday the Boise city council considers a proposal to tighten restrictions on where people can smoke.

The Neurolux is already thick with smoke in the middle of an afternoon. Barb pours drinks for some regulars. She says a smoking ban in Boise bars is inevitable. She says most of the bands that play this downtown hipster hotspot already request they go smoke free for shows. Barb describes herself as a chain smoker but over the roar of the bear cooler she says she would support the ban if the city council would make one compromise.

Barb “Smoking area is outside. And that’s you know, that’s the compromise, is that OK don’t smoke inside, smoke outside.”

The part of the proposal Barb disagrees with bans smoking on sidewalk cafes on public property. That would include the Neurolux patio. She says her customers have to have somewhere to go to smoke. The ordinance aims to ban smoking where people gather. That includes private clubs, tobacco retailers, near bus stops, and city buildings. A separate ordinance would ban smoking in city parks and the greenbelt. The city council reviews the proposals with lawyers Tuesday and plans to hold public meetings in October.