The Boise High Equation

Oct 28, 2011

Boise, ID - Boise High School was the only school in Idaho to make the list of best High Schools for Math and Science from US News and World Report. Boise High came in 200th on the list of 208.

Boise High principal Amy Kohlmeier was surprised when asked  about her school being one of the best for math and science.

Amy  Kohlmeier “I was surprised because I hadn’t heard the news. But I wasn’t surprised that we made it because we do have a very strong AP program.”

US News and World Report published their list a month ago but didn’t inform Boise High School. The magazine is well known for its annual list of best schools but this is the first year it’s ranked schools for science and math. Amy Kohlmeier was not at Boise High last year, but her daughter was. Kohlmeier has had two children graduate from Boise now and she taught English and Russian there earlier in her career. She says the school has always stressed academic performance.

Amy Kohlmeier “We have a culture here at Boise High where it is perfectly acceptable to be a scholar. You know you hear the stereotype in some places that it’s not OK to be smart, but that’s not the case at Boise High.”

For its list of best math and science schools US News and World Report used data they had gathered for their 2009 list of best high schools.