Boise Hits 108 Degrees

Jul 9, 2012

If you thought it was warmer than usual Monday, you were right. Valerie Mills with the National Weather Service says Boise was nearly 20 degrees above average.

“The high temperature at the Boise airport today hit 108 degrees, and that was at 3:05 PM. That’s a new record for today but," she adds,  "not quite as hot as we were July the 19th of 1960 when we hit 111 degrees. That’s our all-time record high for Boise.”

Mills says today’s temperature was a bit of a roller coaster. Before sunrise this morning the mercury stood at 71 degrees. Then in about an hour of reaching that 108 degree record,  rain dropped the temperature down to 93 degrees. That's still above average. Mills says Tuesday will be dryer and relatively cooler with a high around 100.