Boise Inks Warmest February On Record

Mar 2, 2015

Last month was the warmest February ever recorded in Boise.

The National Weather Service says the city broke records for average high temperatures, warmest average low temperatures and warmest average temperature. The region also received more rain than usual.

The average high temperature in Boise was 53.2 degrees. That broke a record set in 1992 by a half degree. The previous record for average lows was set in 1983. The previous record for warmest average temperature in a February was set in 1963.

Such records have been kept in Boise since 1940. 

Boise twice hit 65 degrees in a month that often felt more like spring than winter.

Credit National Weather Service Boise

Much of the Rocky Mountain West and Pacific Northwest had similar warm weather. Most of the month saw a system of high pressure parked over the region. It allowed warm air from the south to block cold air from moving in from Canada.   

March has started with below average temperatures for Boise. But forecasters are predicting highs in the 60s by the weekend.  

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