Boise's Capital High Latest To Face Threat Of Violence

May 3, 2017

A threat against Boise's Capital High School is scant on details but claims something will happen Friday, May 5.
Credit Jay Peeples / Flickr

The Boise School District informed parents and guardians extra security will be on campus at Capital High School Friday in response to a threat found inside a bathroom stall. It’s the latest in a string of threats made against Treasure Valley schools.

Boise District spokesman Dan Hollar says while the threat is vague and not directed at a specific individual, it specified the date: Friday, May 5. Police are investigating and say they believe it's not credible, but in an abundance of caution they'll increase their presence at the school that day. No suspect has been identified.

The Statesman reports students who don't come to class Friday – even with parental permission – will still incur an absence under the school's attendance policy. But, if not coming to class would push a student over the allowed number of absences, school officials say they’ll let it slide.

The threat against the northwest Boise high school resembles a false threat made last month against Nampa’s Skyview High. Both threats were made via graffiti in bathrooms, but more details about a plan of attack were given in the Skyview case. Two students, one age 16 and another 18, were arrested in connection with Skyview.

Boise Police say the Capital High threat is one of several found in area schools, so they're not calling it a “copy cat” incident.

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