BYU-Idaho Not Following Utah Campus In Sales Of Caffeinated Drinks

Sep 22, 2017

BYU-Idaho isn't following the lead of the Provo campus in allowing the sale of caffeinated soft drinks on campus.
Credit Cami / Flickr

This week, caffeinated soft drinks went on sale at Brigham Young University in Utah after a roughly six-decade ban at the Mormon campus. While students there toast with cans of cola, sodas are still hard to come by at BYU’s Idaho campus.

The announcement caffeinated sodas were coming to BYU was done in a tasteful and direct fashion. The school posted a photo of a Coke can on Twitter Thursday simply captioned: “It’s happening.”

The same can’t be said of the university’s campus in Rexburg. The Idaho outpost of BYU says, unlike the Provo campus, they haven’t been inundated with requests to allow the sale of caffeinated drinks.

The Statesman reports that while the Utah campus can cash in on sales of soft drinks at sporting events at the school, the Rexburg campus doesn’t have athletic programs and the economic incentive isn’t there.

BYU-Idaho spokesperson Brett Crandall says the Rexburg school isn’t planning on changing its policy and selling caffeinated drinks anytime soon.

While caffeine is not explicitly banned by the Mormon church, adherents to the faith are encouraged to avoid it.

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