Canyon County I-84 Expansion Project Gets Over $100 Million In Additional Funds

Oct 13, 2017

The I-84 widening project got an influx of funding totaling more than $100 million.
Credit Rob Stanley / Flickr Creative Commons

The project to expand I-84 in Canyon County is set to get a big financial boost. On Thursday, the Idaho Transportation Board approved over $100 million in additional funding for the freeway widening from a variety of sources.

A lot more money – around $112 million – is now on the table to go towards relieving drivers’ headaches as they pass through Caldwell and Nampa by adding lanes in both directions to I-84. The funds comes in addition to the $150 million already pledged earlier this year to widen the roadway. 

Vince Trimboli, the Idaho Transportation Department’s communication manager, breaks down the sources of that $112 million: “About 40 million or 39 million of the money is from the Transportation Expansion and Congestion Mitigation Fund.”

Also known as TECM, the money comes from a bill passed last legislative session that gives a small fraction of the state’s sales tax to ITD.  According to Trimboli, additional funds for the construction project are coming from “some general fund surplus money, some state money.” He also highlights sources like “savings we have on refinancing our Garvee debt service, as well, and some cigarette tax money.”

There’s a reason for this grab bag of financing.

“We’re also applying for a $90 million federal grant,” says Trimboli. “We’ve been told that they want to see applicants use non-traditional sources – not just your gas tax money, right?”

By tapping a variety of funding streams, Trimboli says the Idaho Transportation Board now has a slew of options for how to pay for the expansion of the freeway.

The additional $112 million the board kicked in this week is awaiting final approval from the legislature.

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