City Club Of Boise: Downtown Boise's Renaissance

Nov 18, 2016

Downtown Boise wasn't always what it is today. In fact, it almost wasn't a traditional Downtown at all. In the 1970s, one faction wanted Downtown to become a regional mall; another faction wanted the mall in suburbs. Boise's redevelopment agency prepared for a mall by tearing down blocks of historic buildings.

But this City Club forum will explore the role of civil discourse and collaboration in guiding wise business decisions, and that's what has prevailed in Boise

In fact, in 2016, Downtown Boise has more than $500 million worth of construction under way, with $100 million planned or approved and $600 million more in the works. This City Club Civility Project forum will highlight community cooperation, public and private leadership, thoughtful planning and an attractive regulatory climate. We'll explore the approach that turned a Downtown deserted in the 1970s into a frequent star on U.S. Top 10 lists, including's Top Downtowns.

Forum chair: Karen Sander
Forum moderator: Dr. Bill Russell