Columbia Generating Station Re-licensed To Run For Another 20 Years

May 18, 2012

The Northwest’s only commercial nuclear power plant appears to have won permission to operate for another 20 years. That’s the word Friday from Energy Northwest, which operates the Columbia Generating Station in southeast Washington.

Energy Northwest says the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has given the green light for the Columbia Generating Station to produce power through 20-43. To celebrate, Energy Northwest employees, elected officials and business leaders are expected to attend an event next Thursday at the plant.  Washington Governor Chris Gregoire is scheduled to deliver remarks there. This decision was a long time coming: Energy Northwest began the process of relicensing the nuclear plant in 2007. The application was more than 2,000 pages. Energy Northwest is made up of 28 utilities from across Washington, and sends electricity to more than 1.5 million ratepayers. A spokeswoman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says she can’t confirm her agency has renewed the nuclear plant’s license renewal.

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