Confederate Symbols Prompt Boise To Remove Mississippi Flag

Jun 24, 2015

Mississippi's flag, and the Confederate symbols embedded within it, has come down outside Boise's City Hall.

Credit Pierce Place / Flickr Creative Commons

Boise Mayor David Bieter pushed to have the symbol removed from City Hall's 50-state display following the South Carolina church massacre and ensuing debate over the Confederate flag being flown at the capitol there.

A Boise official says there are currently no plans to return Mississippi's flag to the display.

City spokesman Mike Journee says he appreciates the historic significance, but that flying a flag that makes people feel unwelcome doesn't coincide with Boise's reputation as a place that embraces diversity.

Mississippi's lieutenant governor says voters should decide whether to remove the Confederate symbol from the state flag.

South Carolina lawmakers have agreed to consider removing the controversial flag from the capitol.