Eight Years Of Education In Six

Feb 6, 2012


Imagine graduating high school with two years of college already under your belt. That’s the intention of a bill passed Monday by Idaho’s House Education Committee. It’s called the eight in six program. Students could get eight years of education in six, and the state would pay for up to eight extra classes a year for students who participate. Most of those classes would be online. Bill sponsor Steven Thayn, a Republican from Emmet brought his daughter Carly to testify. Carly Thayn, a high school junior, told the committee she’s already taken several online classes to get ahead:

Carly Thayn “This summer I will have to take three online classes and do my senior project to meet all of my graduation requirements. I will be finished with high school a year earlier and I will plan to attend a community college in our area.”

The committee passed the eight in six plan unanimously. Members say it would help more Idaho students go on to college. The legislation now goes to the full house for consideration.