Feds Crack Down On Idaho Prison Personnel Accused Of Corruption

Apr 12, 2018

A total of seven people who either worked for or have ties to the Idaho Department of Corrections have been indicted. Four are former officers accused of being willing to traffic drugs. Charges against the other three center on sneaking contraband goods into prison facilities.
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This week, several employees of the Idaho Department of Corrections were indicted by federal authorities. One group, who faces a range of charges, was allegedly willing to help traffic drugs.

Four of the men are Department of Correction officers,  all in their 30s and hailing from the Treasure Valley.

Robert Wallin, Richard McCullough, Eric Thompson and Timothy Landon all face at least one count of conspiracy to aid or abet the distribution of controlled substances. Some of the men are charged with possession of contraband.

All of the men face lengthy prison sentences and steep fines.

In another case, three people – including a former prison guard and inmate – were indicted over charges of attempting to smuggle prohibited items into prisons.

The investigation began after corrections officers voiced concerns about corruption.

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