Funding Idaho’s Colleges and Universities Fairly


BOISE, ID – It’s hard to measure equity if you don’t have a definition. That’s what the Idaho Office of Performance Evaluation found when trying to look at how fairly funds are distributed amongst the state’s four colleges and universities.  So OPE measured differences in funding levels between the four institutions from 2001 to 2011. OPE analyst Lance McCleve says,  “Over time the differences have grown.”

Wednesday, OPE recommended Idaho’s State Board of Education set a policy on equitable funding levels, and what critieria to use.  Mike Rush, Executive Director of the board, agrees with this conclusion.  He says, “The one thing I really liked about the report is that they clearly put the ball back in the board’s court.  They recognized it’s the board’s responsibility to distribute those funds and to declare and to define equity.”

OPE’s McCleve says Idaho is joined by other states that do not have an equity standard and also struggle with similar issues.  OPE plans to release a follow-up study next year.

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