Fundraising Battle Fairly Even Among Idaho Congressional Candidates

Feb 9, 2018

While big money has been flowing into Idaho’s race for governor, candidates for an open congressional seat aren’t slacking on the fundraising either.

Russ Fulcher, a former state senator, has outraised his competition so far in his bid to take Idaho’s first congressional district left vacant by Congressman Raul Labrador's gubernatorial run.


Fulcher took in about $230,000 not counting loans he made to his campaign in 2017 with more than $160,000 in the bank.


Next up is state Rep. Luke Malek from the Coeur d’Alene area. He drummed up about $145,000 last year, leaving roughly $90,000 cash on hand.


Former Lt. Governor and Attorney General David Leroy is close behind with about $135,000 in contributions and $65,000 to spend.


And author Michael Snyder has raised more than $65,000 with $40,000 in his campaign account.


State Rep. Christy Perry has announced her run, but a Federal Election Commission spokesman says they don’t have a copy of her finance report. Candidates are required to file one if they raise more than $5,000. Perry’s campaign didn’t return requests for comment.


All seek the Republican nomination.


None of the Democrats who have filed to run for the vacant seat have raised any money.


The primary election set for May 15.


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