How McCarthy’s Red Scare Created One Of Idaho’s Best-Known Politicians

Apr 19, 2016

Sen. Joseph McCarthy, R-Wisc., right, at a seated session of the joint Congressional Committee on Housing on Jan. 28, 1948.
Credit AP

Anyone who knows 20th century American history knows about Senator Joseph McCarthy and his hunt for Communists in the U.S. And anyone who knows about Idaho history and politics knows about Democratic Senator Frank Church. But what you may not know is that McCarthy's fall contributed to Church's rise.

That’s the theory Marc Johnson is presenting during two lectures Tuesday at Boise State’s Osher Institute. Johnson is a former journalist, adviser to Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus and a long-time behind-the-scenes political player. Now he writes about Idaho and U.S. history.

Listen to Johnson talk about how McCarthy’s Red Scare paved the way for one of Idaho’s best known politicians.

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