Idaho A Better, Not Best, State For Business

Nov 30, 2017

According to a recent list by Forbes, Idaho comes in at number 20 for the Best States for Business.
Credit Charles Knowles / Flickr Creative Commons

Forbes is out with a fresh list highlighting the Best States for Business and Idaho is – near-ish the top? The Gem State comes in at 20 on the list, sandwiched between Massachusetts and Missouri.

Topping the 2017 list is North Carolina. Forbes says the Tar Heel State is best in part because of its young and educated workforce – a product of the region’s so-called “Research Triangle.” Low-business costs and a strong employment outlook are also factors for its position atop the list. The state has been in the top five of the ranking for 12 years in a row.

Idaho’s southern neighbor, Utah, fell in this year’s ranking to number three. The state had topped the annual list six out seven times previously. Forbes cites rising labor costs and a softening economic outlook for the decline.

While Idaho comes in at number 20 in the overall ranking, it ranked 11th for growth potential. Other metrics the state was evaluated on include placing 14th for economic climate and 15th for regulatory environment. Despite topping so many lists of up-and-coming places with easy access to outdoor activities and a growing cultural scene in Boise, the category the Gem State scored the lowest in was quality of life.

North Carolina tops the list of Best States for Business, followed by Texas and Utah. Nebraska and Virginia rounded out the top 5. At the bottom of the list are Vermont at 48, Alaska at 49 and, at rock bottom, West Virginia.

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