Idaho Gas Prices Jump 16 Cents In One Week, More On The Way

Mar 27, 2018

Even if the weather doesn’t feel particularly springy, AAA Idaho says you only have to look at gas station signs to know what time of year it is. Prices at Gem State pumps rose by 16 cents per gallon in the last week – putting it on the list of 10 most expensive states for fuel.

“Right now, what we’re thinking is we’re going to see a jump and then we might see another little bump here in April as additional supply goes offline in our region,” says Matthew Conde with AAA Idaho.

The national average is $2.61, while Idaho’s average is $2.72 – a 24-cent increase over this time last year.  
So what’s causing the hike in prices? Conde points to several factors, including the switch from spring to summer blend fuels. Summer blend fuels come with a higher price tag because it needs costlier additives to keep them from evaporating in the heat. March saw some lower capacity at refineries in the Rocky Mountain region, which also squeezed the supply.

Stanley, Ketchum and Cascade have some of the most expensive gas prices, while you’ll pay less in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Falls and Blackfoot.

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