Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Threatens Radio Host Over Debate Invite

Apr 3, 2018

A perennial Idaho political candidate confronted a Boise radio host after learning he wouldn’t be invited to an upcoming gubernatorial debate.

Media sensation Harley Brown made headlines across the country for his unorthodox performance in a 2014 governor’s debate. Four years later, he’s running for governor again.

Last week in an appearance on the Nate Shelman Show on KBOI radio, Shelman told Brown he wouldn’t be invited to an upcoming debate his station is hosting.

Brown criticized the media for not giving all candidates an opportunity to reach voters.

"These arrogant people who run the news media decide who they're going to have [in the debate] and not give everybody an equal playing field. When that prejudice is directed towards me it pisses me off," Brown says.

“I look at it as merciful. To put you on a stage and allow people you think laugh with you, but I think people are laughing at you and I don’t want to mean to you Harley,” Shelman says.

Brown quickly responded after Shelman told him he had just made the decision on-air.

“Well I ought to kick your a--, you prejudiced son of a b----. I might. You’ve got no bodyguards around you," he says.

The Idaho Statesman reports Brown sent two profanity-laced emails to the station over the weekend, but says he would not hurt Shelman.

Boise Police say they’re investigating the incident and have warned Brown. Police say Shelman declined to press charges.

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