Idaho Kids Hold Their Own On The SAT Test

Oct 5, 2017

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The SAT scores for Idaho students have come in, and they’re about average. But that depends on which states you're comparing them with.

Idaho’s average SAT score, for the 2017 graduating class, was 1006 out of a 1600 point scale.

Idaho is one of seven states that offers the SAT test free of charge, during the school day. All those states had similar scores, with Idaho coming in fifth out of the seven, according to Idaho Education News. Idaho’s numbers were almost the same as the kids who took the test last year.

Giving free SAT tests means more kids in Idaho took the test, with 93 percent of Idaho graduates participating. Idaho Ed News says that means a lot of kids took the test who aren’t planning to go to college.

When compared to neighboring states, Idaho’s numbers aren’t as good. But that’s misleading. Some states, like Utah, had a higher score but only three percent of high school graduates there actually took the SAT. And those were high-achieving kids planning to go to college.

The College Board said Idaho students scored better in reading and writing on the SAT but fell behind in math.

Idaho has been offering the SAT for free for six years at an annual cost of around $1 million.

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