Idaho Tax Commission Says Prove You're You

Mar 29, 2017

If you’ve filed your state tax return, the Tax Commission says it may need more information before they can send you a refund. That’s due in part to concerns over identity theft and fraud.

The Idaho State Tax Commission says it checks all tax returns for fraud and accuracy. For some, that means getting a letter from the Commission asking you to prove you’re you.

The Commission is sending out identity verification letters that ask taxpayers to either take a short online quiz or provide documents proving you’re who you say you are . . . or to tell officials that wasn’t you who filed that return.

If you get more than one letter asking for verification, that means the Commission received more than one tax return using your Social Security Number. If you receive a letter but don’t take the quiz, or provide documents as proof of identity, the Tax Commission says it won’t pay out your refund.

Sometimes letters are sent asking for missing information to support data you reported on your return. This practice is not unusual -- the Idaho Tax Commission sent out 50,000 requests for more information from taxpayers last year.

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