Idaho Woman Who Traveled To Mexico Has Zika Virus

Aug 3, 2016

Credit Airman Magazine / Flickr Creative Commons

Idaho state health officials say an Idaho woman who recently traveled to Mexico has been infected with the Zika virus.

The virus is carried by two types of mosquitoes which don't live in Idaho but are found in hotter climates. In a statement issued Wednesday, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare officials said there is no danger to the general public of developing Zika through casual contact.

According to the press release the infected woman is from northern Idaho and over the age of 60. She had symptoms but did not require hospitalization.

For most, Zika is such a mild disease that people often don't know if they've been infected, but it can lead to severe brain-related birth defects if women are infected during pregnancy. Only one in five people exposed to the virus develop any symptoms.

Zika is most commonly spread through mosquito bites but can also be spread through sexual contact.