Idaho's Star Could Expand To Supernova With Big Annexation

May 2, 2018

The Star City Council annexed over 1,500 acres north of the community in west Ada County for future development.
Credit begemot_dn / Flickr

Star, the newest incorporated city in Idaho, is poised for significant growth over the next decade. The city council voted unanimously this week to annex enough land to expand the city by a third.

Star, Idaho takes up an area of about 6.5 square miles. City leaders will take on an additional 2.5 square miles north of town for future development.

Eventually, more than 3,000 homes could be built on the newly added property that straddles Ada and Canyon Counties.

Construction on the annexed area likely won’t start for at least five years; a full build out could take decades. The Statesman reports at least some of the homes will be set on half-acre lots.

Recent development plans in Star have drawn controversy. Last year, a proposal to build a large apartment complex known as Crystal Springs prompted some citizens to launch an unsuccessful recall effort against the mayor and a city councilman.

Dozens of people urged the city council to hold off on the annexation. Citing concerns about traffic and the environment, they wanted Star officials to wait until the city’s comprehensive plan was revamped before making the decision.

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