With Independence Day Approaching, Treasure Valley Authorities Highlight Firework Safety

Jun 26, 2017

This Independence Day, authorities say people who want to set off fireworks should opt for legal, safe and sane pyrotechnics rather than airborne rockets that are illegal and can easily start fires.
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In the run up to the Fourth of July, fireworks are now on sale at licensed stands. With the memory of last summer’s Table Rock Fire still fresh, officials are asking people to be mindful of where they detonate their pyrotechnics.

The Table Rock Fire scorched four square miles of the Boise foothills and burned destroyed one home last year; it started with an illegal Roman candle.

Even so-called “safe and sane” fireworks can start wildfires and present a danger if set off improperly or in areas close to accelerants like fuel or dried brush.

Meridian Fire Marshal Joe Bongiorno offered a few precautions to KTVB.

He says to first pay attention to your surroundings. He recommends lighting fireworks in the street but says to keep an eye out for traffic and parked cars. An empty parking lot would be ideal.

Next, the fire marshal recommends steering clear of dry grass, bushes, trees and anything that could easily catch. And lighting fireworks in the Boise Foothills? Don’t even think about it, he says.

When using legal, “safe and sane” fireworks, Bongiorno says keep a couple buckets of water handy or a hose in case things get out of hand. Fireworks can be sold and used through July 5.

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