Jobless in Idaho: National Guard Soldiers Seek Deployment In Face Of Job Market

Mar 12, 2012

The Idaho Department of Labor estimates there are at least 63,000 people in the state without work.  That doesn’t include thousands more who are underemployed or have stopped looking for a job.  This is the latest story in StateImpact Idaho's “Jobless in Idaho” series, that follows several Idahoans in their search for work.

We brought you a story a few months ago about two soldiers from the Northwest. They had just returned from Iraq with their National Guard unit. Both started looking for new civilian jobs. Neither is satisfied with what they found. Both soldiers are now thinking about signing up for another overseas tour with the military.

The last time we met Specialist David Hampton, he was cranking out applications for IT jobs and brushing up on his interviewing skills.  Continue reading...