KBSS Experiencing Intermittent Audio Issues

May 16, 2017

Due to a record-breaking winter and a rather wet spring, we continue to experience issues on KBSS (91.1 FM) with our T-1 connection in Sun Valley. At times, the audio drop-outs have been constant. Some listeners have had success with our alternative signal at 100.3 FM.

Currently, water from the 10 feet of melting snow migrates into riser boxes on site and into the wiring, which is happening frequently this season. The dropouts in the audio are exacerbated by snow cats plowing mountain roads, which creates vibration and earth movement that interfere with our digital feed.

While we await new cabling when the area has dried out, our engineering staff is executing a near-term workaround this week, in order to deliver more reliable back-up audio through 91.1. FM.

As the wet spring weather continues, we apologize for the intermittent interruptions of KBSS. In the meantime we will do our best to get these backups up-and-running, and we appreciate your patience during that process.

Ultimately, we are working on an entirely new transmission plan that we allow us to move away from the problems of this T-1 connection. This is work we hope to begin this summer with the successful fulfillment of the Wood River Valley Technology Fund. We are nearly halfway to our $30,000 goal to fund this project