KBSX Repairs And Additonal Maintenance Scheduled For Wednesday Night

Aug 3, 2016

Several repairs and maintenance are scheduled for later this evening that could cause interruptions on the station, as well as our web streams.

Our engineers will be performing an equipment swap between KBSX and KBSS, which will cause periods of silence as they switch the antenna from one transmitter to another.

We will also be doing maintenance tonight on the T-1 connections to Twin Falls and to Deer Point, rebooting the streaming encoders and fully testing the switches that have been deployed.

This means there will be brief service interruptions to service to Boise on KBSX and KBSU, and to the east side of the state on KBSW. KBSY, KBSS and KBSJ while maintenance is being done. During the encoder reboot, there will be short interruptions to the Classical and News streams. And, finally, while the switches are being tested, the program streams will switch between silence/automation/emergency feed.

All of these interruptions will be brief, and will occur after 9 p.m. Please do not be alarmed.

We appreciate your patience.