Layoffs Loom for Albertson

Oct 17, 2011

Boise, ID - Albertson’s Boise offices have been shrinking since Supervalu bought the Idaho based grocery chain in 2006. Now it looks like another round of layoffs are looming.

There are about 450 employees in the IT department at Albertson’s Boise headquarters. Friday they heard an announcement from their parent company in Minnesota.

Mike Siemienas  “We will be outsourcing some areas within the IT department.”

Mike Siemienas is a Supervalu spokesman. He says they wanted to be open with their employees about what’s happening.

Mike Siemienas  “We do know that unfortunately there will be some employees who are laid off as a result of this. And we will ensure that they have at least 30 days’ notice.”

Siemienas says Supervalu won’t know how many people they’ll lay off in Boise for several months. It will follow a corporation-wide review. Siemienas says the grocery business is competitive and they have to be more efficient. Supervalu stock has been in a more or less steady decline since 2007.