LISTEN: Making The Case For Computer Science In Idaho Schools

Apr 7, 2017

Hadi Partovi, founder of, above Boise, Idaho, April 2017.
Credit Tom Michael / Boise State Public Radio

Hadi Partovi is the CEO and founder of, a nationwide non-profit that encourages young students to take up computer programming. He also launched an annual event called Hour of Code. has had success working with state school boards, particularly here in Idaho. Partovi was in Boise this week to speak to CEO's of TECNA, a national technology group, on behalf of the Idaho Technology Council.

For Boise State Public Radio, Tom Michael visited Partovi on the top floor of Zion's Bank in downtown Boise, after his speech to the Idaho Technology Council, on behalf of TECNA, the Technology Councils of North America. Partovi told him about the importance of computer science in schools, how Idaho leads other states in that field, and his personal story as a boy growing up in Tehran during the Iran-Iraq War, discovering that computer coding was a refuge from the horrors of war, as well as a ticket to future success.

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