On The Monday, September 3, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Aug 31, 2018

Idaho Matters will return on Tuesday, September 4, with a live broadcast.  Please enjoy this encore presentation:

  • Idaho has one of the lowest rates of colon cancer screenings.

  • St. Luke's discusses kids and responsible social media use.

  • A Boise meet-up promotes positive body imaging.

  • A last chance to enjoy summer wines.

- Idaho lags behind the nation when it comes to colon cancer screening rates. Idaho Matters discusses the importance of early screenings with Dr. Dan Zuckerman, medical director of the Mountain States Tumor Institute and we hear firsthand about battling colon cancer with a survivor.

- Social media may no longer be a new frontier for the experienced, but educating children about safe and responsible use is a changing dynamic. Idaho Matters looks at ways for kids to be (occasionally) plugged in while staying safe with Sidra Beckett of St. Luke's Children's Center for Neurobehavioral Medicine, college student Sara Dixon and her mother Carol.

- The documentary Fattitude celebrates body positivity and points out the societal inequities and stereotypes faced by overweight people. The webpage shares facts like "fat people are paid $1.25 less an hour than their thin counterparts" and "one in three doctors associate fat bodies with hostility, dishonesty and poor hygiene." We speak with the director of the film and we'll be joined in studio by Amy Pence-Brown, body positivity activist and founder of the Boise Rad Fat Collective.

- Summertime means summer wines and City Center Wines sommelier Joseph DiGrigoli joins us to talk about the best wines to pair with BBQ or that freshly-caught trout and which Idaho wines make the best party cocktails.