Moscow Federal Building For Sale

Aug 7, 2012

If you’re in the market for a five story office building, the federal government has one for you. The U.S. General Services Administration or GSA is selling the federal building in Moscow Idaho starting Tuesday. It currently houses courts and a post office but there is some empty space and the GSA thinks it would be more cost effective to sell the 40 year old building. Stephanie Kenitzer, a spokeswoman for the agency’s northwest/arctic region, says this is part of a national push to decrease federal property.

“We’ve sold a customs house in Portland just in the last year. We’ve sold a federal building in Nome Alaska, and I believe this is the third property here in just the last year.”

The agency has been under a cloud since a lavish 2010 conference in Las Vegas made national news. Just in the last two weeks new information about other conferences and big employee bonuses has reignited the scandal. But Kenitzer says the policy of selling federal buildings has been around for several years.

You can bid online for the Moscow federal building at The minimum bid is $300,000 but the agency says if the bidding doesn’t reach market value it can reject all bids. It won’t say what it considers market value.