Most Idaho Drivers License Bureaus Reopen Following Computer Errors

Dec 6, 2017

The Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles is making progress in solving a computer problem that has caused delays for residents trying to obtain or renew driver’s licenses and ID Cards.

While the system is still experiencing slowdowns, as of midday Wednesday, the drivers license system was back up in all but Idaho County in the central part of the state. 

At a news conference Wednesday, Vince Trimboli, a DMV spokesman, apologized for the inconvenience and emphasized the problem was with the state system and not on the county end.

“This was something we didn’t see coming. We’re not sure what the cause still is. We are working tirelessly to find a solution to the problem and get our systems  operating fully and at full speed,” Trimboli says.

DMV Operations Manager Bonny Fogdall compared the problem to a garden hose where the water slows to a trickle when someone steps on it. Fogdall says the slowdown started Monday after an update to the system.

“We fully tested all of this all weekend long before we rolled out a change. We are very disappointed when we put the change into production it wasn’t the same as when we initially rolled it out,” she says.

Fogdahl says while all but a small part of the system is now functioning, drivers license customers who have to travel a long distance to DMV offices are advised to wait a few days to make sure things are fully functioning.

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