Nampa Residents Could Lose Their Homes Over Sewer/Water Problem

Mar 16, 2016

Families living in a mobile home park in Nampa will get a knock on the door Thursday from city officials, telling them their homes are unsafe. Seventeen homeowners will face an order that says they have seven days to find another place to live.

KBOI TV first reported this week the problems at the Rushmore Mobile Home Park. The park has a private - and now faulty - sewer system. The owner has a temporary fix in place that leaves homeowners without running toilets and with access to tap water just one hour a day.

Patrick Sullivan says that’s dangerous and unhealthy for residents, and it violates Nampa city code. As the City’s Director of Building Safety, he says either the park's owner must connect into Nampa’s sewer system, or the residents will have to leave their homes.

Sullivan says it’s an unfortunate situation.

“We’re doing our best to walk that fine line between protecting people’s health and safety and being aware that there is a human element with this that some of these people are going to have a hard time finding a place to go,” says Sullivan.

Sullivan says along with the seven day order to vacate the homes, residents will get information on resources to help them find somewhere to stay.

He expects to issue the vacation order to residents Thursday morning.

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