New Health Care Committee Proposed

Feb 17, 2012


BOISE, Id – An Idaho lawmaker wants to form a new committee to oversee Idaho’s compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Republican Representative Janice McGeachin introduced the bill Thursday, calling it a Health Care Reform Oversight Committee.

Janice McGeachin “This is a committee that would provide oversight and make recommendations to the legislature as a whole on whether we wish to specifically authorize or prohibit the state’s compliance with or participation in federal health care reform.”

The committee would be made up of five House members and five Senators.  It would include six Republicans and four Democrats.  Boise Democrat Phylis King objected to some of the bill’s language.

Phylis King “It looks like what we’re trying to is butt heads with the federal government and I’d really like to work hand in hand with the federal government, I think there’s a lot of things in here that are not going to be for the best interests of the people of Idaho.”

The bill says the committee is authorized to prohibit the state’s compliance with, or participation in, the federal health reform.  Lawmakers agreed to move forward with the bill.  It heads to the House Health and Welfare Committee.


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