New Study Looks At Future Of Boise's Bench Community

Nov 20, 2015

Credit Daniel X. O'Eneil / Flickr

The Boise Bench needs more green spaces and more places for people to gather and connect. Those are two findings in a new study of the area, conducted by Utah State University. Researchers from the university will present their findings Friday at Boise City Hall.

Working with the city, a team from Utah State has been studying the Bench and mapping a future plan for growth.

For the past few months, students from the university have been talking to stakeholders in the area. They’re working on a 30-year plan to make the Bench more of a community.

Hailey Wall is a student working on the study. She says the Bench is a growing area, full of promise and possibility, primed to grow into a more cohesive community.

“We know there’s a lot of refuges in this area, and a lot of young families, a lot of people starting out, a lot of young entrepreneurs and we really want to make this an affordable place, but a great place where the community spirit really shines,” says Wall.

Wall says recommendations include more parks and better infrastructure, such as sidewalks.

The Utah State team will present their findings from Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. at Boise City Hall. Wall says the community is invited and encouraged to offer input.

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