New Unofficial Record Set For BASE Jumps Off Twin Falls' Perrine Bridge

Jun 20, 2017

BASE jumper Miles Daisher reclaimed the unofficial record for most human powered BASE jumps off the Perrine Bridge in 24 hours. Daisher plummeted into the canyon 63 times.
Credit J. Stephen Conn / Flickr

BASE jumper Miles Daisher reclaimed his record for the most human-powered jumps in 24 hours off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Tuesday morning.

Daisher hurled himself off the Perrine Bridge, hiked up the canyon wall and rode a bike to the jump spot in the middle of the bridge 63 times. Daisher was looking to complete 62 jumps to reclaim the unofficial record from his rival Danny Weiland.

In September, Weiland leapt off the bridge 61 times to beat Daisher’s old record of 57 BASE jumps.

Having successfully completed the feat, Daisher climbed the canyon wall enough times to have ascended Mt. Everest, which is 29,000 feet tall.

The Times News reports Daisher completed his record-breaking 63 jumps well within his 24 hour limit. He started at 11 a.m. Monday and by 9:30 Tuesday morning had surpassed Weiland’s old record. With an extra hour and a half on the clock remaining, Daisher made his 63rd jump, then waited until around 11 for a 64th straight into the Snake River.

Following the dive into the river, members of Daisher’s team who helped pack his parachutes and film the event doused him in champagne.

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