Northern Idaho Representative Heather Scott Stripped Of Committee Seats

Jan 12, 2017

Rep. Heather Scott.
Credit AP

In the Idaho Statehouse today, far right representative Heather Scott was stripped of all committee assignments after comments she made against fellow female lawmakers.

Nampa representative Christy Perry sent a letter to the Speaker of the Idaho House Scott Bedke yesterday questioning the behavior of fellow Republican lawmaker Heather Scott.

Perry questions recent statements and actions by Scott claiming she’s made the Capitol an unsafe work environment. The one-page letter says Scott’s erratic behavior has led to female members of the Republican caucus not feeling safe around Scott.

Last month, Scott told a fellow female legislator women only rose through the ranks of the Statehouse by sleeping their way to the top. The letter also mentions an instance where Scott disabled a fire sensor in a room in the capitol fearing it was a bug being used to spy on her.

Perry’s letter to Speaker Bedke asked him to address Heather Scott’s conduct. When Bedke read committee assignments today, Scott’s name was absent, meaning she has been stripped of all committee duties.

According to the Spokesman Review, Scott can still vote when the entire House convenes, but she now plays no part in the day-to day-business of legislating.

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