Occupy Boise Brings Hundreds to the Statehouse

Oct 5, 2011

Boise, ID - As many as 300 people protested in front of Idaho’s capital Wednesday. Some called the gathering "Occupy Boise," others "Occupy Together." It''s part of a national movement that started last month in New York called "Occupy Wall Street."  The protestors in Boise want a lot of different things.

It’s hard to say what the people want who occupy the capitol steps. There’s a sign that reads "End the Fed." Someone dressed as a devil has a sign that says "War is hell." Many say "We are the 99%." Zack House doesn’t have a sign. He says what everyone has in common is they’re mad about what their country has become.

Zack House “We’re tired of being marginalized based on an imaginary concept that is money. It’s convenient and that’s fine and good but it’s gone too far. And I think everyone here is just to the point where they need their voice back.  And we’re taking our voice back and by God hopefully our country.”

He says he doesn’t know what everyone wants but he wants money taken out of the political system. John McMahon usually wants peace. He’s been an antiwar activist for years. But he says this movement is bigger than a single issue.

John McMahon “I’d characterize it as we’d like to see something being done for the people who are actually paying taxes as opposed to the wealthiest among us who are not paying their fair share.”

Around  5:00  about half of the protesters leave. Many have been out in the rain for several hours since they started to march from the other end of Capital boulevard. But as rush hour traffic goes by more than hundred still beat drums, chant, and ring the big brass bell on the capitol steps.