Our Own Pining Idaho: Gem State Residents Crave In-N-Out Burger

Oct 20, 2017

An overwhelming majority of respondents to an informal poll by the Idaho Statesman said the chain restaurant they most want to come to Boise is In-N-Out Burger.
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The Treasure Valley is replete with local joints offering the classic triad of burgers, shakes and fries. Westside Drive-In, Fanci-Freez and the Big Bun Drive-In leap to mind. While these places are uniquely Idaho, residents of the Gem State say they want iconic southern California chain In-N-Out Burger to bring their take on the burger shack trinity to the Gem State.

In an informal (and unscientific) online poll set up by the Statesman, a staggering 44 percent of 4,588 participants say In-N-Out is the chain restaurant they most want to come to Boise.

Apparently the famed SoCal fast food outlet is aware of the demand for double-doubles and “animal style” fries in Boise. The vice president of operations for the chain, Denny Warnick, says the private company knows there’s a lot of untapped opportunities for In-N-Out in Idaho. However, he says the slow growth strategy the company maintains will keep it focused on the six states it currently serves. That fact aside, he says it’s a big compliment to top the wish list.

There’s a reason for In-N-Out’s west-centric operations. Warnick says the company has in-house butchers in southern and northern California along with Texas. That lets the chain maintain high quality standards as well as get burger patties to outposts across California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Texas and Oregon fresh and fast.

The fast food company’s jingle informs us, “In-N-Out, that’s what a hamburger’s – all about.” For the time being, Boise residents are going to have to keep waiting to find enlightenment.

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